Sheriff’s deputies kill South LA man

allegedly wielding a handgun

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (MNS) — Another Black male has fallen to police

gunfire, this time to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies.

According to sheriff’s investigators, the man, identified as 29-year-old Dijon

Kizzee, was riding a bike, when deputies attempted to stop him, allegedly for a

code violation related to bike riding, when he bolted and ran. Cell phone video

from bystanders shows Kizzee running away from the deputies, but not the deadly


Sheriff’s investigators told the Los Angeles Times, that when the deputies reached

Kizzee near West 109th Place and Budlong Avenue at about 3:30 p.m, a fight

ensued and he punched one of the deputies in the face, dropping a bundle of

clothing he'd been carrying in the process. The deputies noticed a handgun among

the clothes, and that’s when they opened fire, killing Kizzee.


Word spread quickly through South LA of the shooting and by nightfall, Monday,

Aug. 31, a large group of demonstrators gathered in the vicinity of the gunplay

monitored by heavily-armed deputies and a sheriff patrol helicopters whirring


CBSLA News reported that during the fight, the man punched a deputy after he

was ordered to drop the clothes he was holding concealing a black handgun,

prompting both deputies to fire their weapons, shooting the man several times,

killing him at the scene.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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