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Jarrette Fellows, Jr.

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I, Sable Man, will be downtrodden no more.

No longer will I think of myself as inferior

nor will I ever again lose my dignity and


I was not made by God to be a footstool

nor am I of a lower creation. I am like the

 light of the sun, the roar of a storm, 

the surge of the Nile.


I have the strength of Kings and the gentleness of

lambs. I am a lover of self, not possessed of self-hate,

and I am endued with a measure of greatness

foreordained by God, and now I stand ready to

reassume my rightful place in God’s Earthly

order as a sparkling jewel, for He has favored

me to be many wonders for my people who

cry for the leadership  of the men!



I am the Wind Breaker. I walk into the teeth

of the wind and bear the brunt of the gale. I am an oak tree, tall, strong, and true. Rough around the edges, bearing the harsh elements, scraping the cosmos, shielding the little flowers.


I was formed by God from the dust of the

earth to be like the rugged hills . . . brawny, coarse, unbending, enduring all that falls toward my

face, yet soft enough for growth.

Like a mighty rushing river, forever onward

I surge shaping valleys, carving canyons, unceasingly, eternally, full of life and

vitality brimming with peaceful rage!


Like the lightning, immeasurable volts of

power, brazen, emboldened, leaving my

scorched imprint in the earth!

I, too am like the rainbow, a gentle arc

of peace coolly bending in the mist like a

neon apparition, a soothing calm whispering assurance for tomorrow.

And like the clouds -- ever-evolving motion stretching for ages able to replenish, to shield,

to caress away pain and sorrow.

Like the ocean I am majestic---abounding,

alluring, enduring, extending deep, yet reaching high, a preserver of life soothing to the Earth.


Here, I stand undeniably a man! A real man

with a heart that reaches to the heights of Kilimanjaro, sensitivity greater than the

expanse of the Serengeti, and passionate

like unto the burning rubescence of

the setting sun cooled by the sea.

I was fashioned this way by the Most High God, 

rich with compassion as the dark sable earth is

rich, ordained undiluted and manly full measure

to be a leader, the apex, Crown Jewel, point to the spear, and yes, a father and a comforter.

Here, I stand at the vanguard brave and bold,

steady as the ancient Pyramids, ready to meet

any searing challenge!


Hear my prayers, oh Lord.

Help me to lead my people from the caverns

of despair to the mountain peak of pride,

prosperity and promise for the future.

For, I am the Wind Breaker. Yes!

I walk into the teeth of the wind . . .

and bear the brunt of the gale!

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