Vote, Vote, Vote On Nov. 3!

Another four-year term for Trump will destroy America

Dear Editor:

As usual, your commentary is “right on point” and the narrative is even worse than  before. Another term of Trump would destroy this country for many more decades to come.

It is absolutely imperative that we all get out and vote regardless of what people may think of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. As you stated in your commentary that it is about a change this country needs in leadership regardless of who are the candidates running against Trump.

If Trump is re-elected for a second term, it will be an end to democracy as we know it. If people believe that the coronavirus is so dangerously deadly, you've seen nothing yet. Four more years of Trump will bring on more segregation, bigotry, hatred, racism, police brutality, and quite possibly, a "Civil War.”

We all know the history/story of the "Great Roman Empire.” Well, America is not only half way there, it will be just a matter of time with another Trump Administration.

This is not intended to scare you, it's a reality just like Trump thought this virus pandemic would just "go away.” What moron would even say that and, even worse, have some of you believing it!

Just remember, those who lived and died for all of us to have a right to vote. We owe all of our brothers and sisters of years gone by, a great bit of gratitude and appreciation. And, we also owe many other people of different races and backgrounds, religions and ethnicity, who were on the “front lines” marching with us in support of our goals and objectives. Some even died trying to gain social justice for people of color. Don't let their efforts be silenced and forgotten.

Now is your time to make a difference. Vote! Vote! Vote ! Vote!