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Jewel Of Africa Afripedia


JEWEL OF AFRICA AFRIPEDIA (JOAA) is an encyclopedia of the 54 independent republics comprising the continent of Africa. It is an in-depth view of the enormous potential of the most richly-endowed continent on Earth in terms of its potential.

Africa embraces raw material and mineral wealth that defies honest expectations—gold, diamonds, gemstones, bauxite, coltan, lithium, copper, iron ore, oil and gas—the list of riches is unfathomable.


Additionally, Africa only tills 3 percent of its land—the most arable on Earth. With the right foreign investment in agricultural equipment and machinery conjoined with 21st century scientific innovations in agronomy, horticul- ture and agriculture, this arable continent could feed the world to end hunger and famine.


JEWEL OF AFRICA AFRIPEDIA is a 250,000 word treatise—a literary work of love and hope for Africa's 1.5 billion population and billions more across the globe.

JOAA represents a cornerstone to bind the 54 nations of the Mother Continent as one, breaking down decades of misunderstanding and ignorance to forge a new era of brotherhood and partnership in trade—networking the entire continent on a united front of cohesion and unlimited prosperity.

JOAA will lift the spirits of a continent that has suffered because it has never embraced the incalculable wealth that lay dormant in its loins stored there by an all-wise Creator, until the time was right for its discovery.


In the aftermath of colonialism, Africa is awake in the 21st century and eager to tap into its bountiful blessings, ready to ascend from Third World to First World nation status in a new millennium. The Mother of all Creation will accomplish this with the aid of the adjoining African Diaspora spread globally from the United States of America and Europe, to the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

The key central to this unveiling is JOAA as the tie that binds 3 billion Africans of the global Diaspora. JOAA will manifest in several ways—as an online portal, a "coffee table" book in tens of millions of family settings, a quantitative research tool at colleges and universities, secondary schools, and public libraries; and as a fixture within the consulates and embassies of the 54 African republics themselves.

Now is the time to embark on an indelibly-rich literary adventure to what was formerly known as "deepest, darkest Africa," but which now is humanity's brightest example of hope and prosperity for centuries to come. 

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