Former California Assemblymember 

Gwen Moore passes 

Veteran lawmaker introduced more than 400 bills signed into law

By TANU HENRY, Contributing Writer

SACRAMENTO (CBN) — Former California Assemblymember Gwen Moore,

who served 16 years representing the state’s 49th district, passed on Aug. 19.

At press time the cause of death was unknown.  

Family members, friends, former colleagues and other loved ones across

California were shocked to learn of the passing of Moore, first elected to the

state legislature in 1978, serving until 1994, representing a district that

includes Long Beach, Catalina Island and parts of Los Angeles and Orange

counties. The 49th district, that was redistricted in 1990 as the 47th district.

While serving in the Assembly Moore introduced more than 400 bills signed

into law. She also served as Majority Whip and was a member of a number

of influential committees, including the Assembly Utilities and Commerce


Moore was the architect and political force behind California General Order

156. It is a state supplier diversity program that has, over the years, 

strengthened and stabilized a number of California Black-owned, women-owned, and minority-owned small businesses by helping them secure lucrative state contracts.  

1n 1994, Moore resigned from the Assembly to run for Secretary of State. A race she did not win. Moore began to pursue other opportunities outside of elective office that influenced state policy.  

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles-based GeM Communications Group, Moore was a sought-after consultant and worked with several prominent clients across the state.  

Her family, relatives, former colleagues and friends across California and the US, reached out to one another as news of her unexpected death was shared across political, business, and social circles.  

Moore served on numerous boards. Among them were the California State Bar Board of Trustees, the California Small Business Association board and the national board of the NAACP. She was also first vice president of the California State Conference of the NAACP, vice chair of the California Utility Diversity Council, and Chairwoman of the California Black Business Association. 

For her work in California and across the US, Moore won numerous national and local awards, including honors from the US Department of Commerce, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


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Gwen Moore