Inglewood at risk for resurging COVID


Along with 10 other Los Angeles County communities

Vaccinations is the safest way to avoid a resurgence of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

By JON PARTON, Contributing Writer

BERKELEY, Calif. (MNS) — A data science company using machine learning technology to support Covid-19 vaccine distribution efforts, released a new report, July 21, identifying Inglewood as one of the top 10 neighborhoods in Los Angeles County at greatest risk as infections rise and the highly contagious Delta variant spreads.

Cogitativo, a Berkeley-based data science company that released a report titled, “Surge Centers: The Top 10 LA County Neighborhoods at Greatest Risk as Covid Infections Rise,” also cited nine other cities in LA County at risk.

The report, provides a more complete and precise picture of community-level risk in the county as public health officials work to target resources to the most vulnerable amid the latest rise in cases.

Cogitativo, founded in 2015 with a mission to create and implement innovative, scalable solutions to the most complex challenges facing the healthcare system. does so by filling in a critical gap in the currently available public data: a lack of information about the number of high-risk individuals living in each zip code.

By combining anonymized health records from California health insurers with publicly available data about vaccination rates, Cogitativo was able to identify the communities that have a combination of lagging vaccination rates and large high-risk populations. This risk analysis can help city officials determine where exactly they should focus their vaccination efforts in the coming weeks.


The top 5 county cities at greatest risk of increased hospitalizations are:

Inglewood.  Zip code 90305; 32 percent of population high-risk; 50 percent  unvaccinated.

Palmdale. Zip code 93591; 26 percent of population high-risk; 61 percent unvaccinated.

Malibu. Zip codes 90265, 90263; 29 percent of population high-risk; 53 percent unvaccinated.

Lancaster. Zip code 93534; 27 percent of population high-risk; 57 percent unvaccinated.

Los Angeles. Zip codes 90067, 90047, 90008, 90056, 90077, 90043; 31 percent population high-risk; 31 percent unvaccinated.

Another key finding of the report is that 70 percent of the top 10 LA County neighborhoods at greatest risk are majority-minority areas.

“This analysis can help Los Angeles County officials target vaccine outreach resources to the most vulnerable,” said Gary Velasquez, CEO of Cogitativo. “While the county has made big strides over the last few months, we must ensure that no one is left behind as more transmissible variants of the virus spread.” 

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